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What to Expect

Our team of geriatric specialists delivers a model of care that is focused solely on the primary care needs of residents in nursing homes and assisted living centers. We work with facilities to ensure that residents receive appropriate care and regular monitoring of chronic conditions, and to help ease transitions as health needs change.

The Physicians Eldercare Model

Focused clinicians

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses have a special interest in geriatric care and receive ongoing training in the field.

Frequent, consistent care

Team members typically work in each facility multiple times a week, allowing them to respond promptly to the concerns of families and nursing staff.

Improved communication

Regular on-site visits help ensure concerns are promptly addressed with nursing staff and residents’ families.

Illness management

Familiarity with a patient’s history can help our team members identify subtle changes in condition, monitor chronic illnesses, and improve recovery and rehabilitation outcomes.

Dementia care

Our clinicians have special insight into caring for dementia patients and complications associated with the condition.

24/7 triage service

Clinicians with special interest and training in geriatric care provide on-call assessment and treatment.

Insurance Information

Physicians Eldercare accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and other commercial insurance plans. Please contact our billing office to verify insurance coverage. We bill fees for our services to the patient’s insurance company or to the patient. The Patient Information Sheet, once signed by the legally responsible party, allows Physicians Eldercare to bill the insurance company as well as the patient, if necessary.

Get in Touch

Please call or email for inquiries about our services and how PEC can assist you with the medical care needs at your facility.

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