Facility Information

Geriatric Care Expertise

Physicians Eldercare is the premier provider of physician-related services to nursing homes and assisted living centers in North Carolina. Our team of geriatric specialists delivers a distinctive model of care that is focused solely on the primary care of residents at our clients’ facilities.

The Physicians Eldercare Model

Frequent, consistent care and improved communication

PEC clinicians work in each facility multiple times each week, promptly responding to concerns.

Chronic Illness Management

Familiarity with patient histories helps PEC clinicians better monitor and manage chronic illnesses.

Consultative Support

PEC consults with facilities on the implementation of policies and procedures within their buildings to provide regulatory guidance.

Integrative, Collaborative Care

Our team works closely with all facility care providers to develop a team approach to care.

Focused Regulatory Compliance

Because we specialize in long-term care, our facilities can be confident that we will support them in meeting regulatory compliance. Our providers are involved in the QAPI process to help with medical guidance, infection control, and policies and procedures.

Get in Touch

Please call or email for inquiries about our services and how PEC can assist you with the medical care needs at your facility.

Director Of Operations

(336) 251-1114 ext. 198