Facility FAQs

List of Questions

Does Physicians Eldercare follow patients in hospitals?

No. Physicians Eldercare works with local physician practices to provide hospital services when needed and if a hospitalist is not available. These arrangements can provide a smooth transition between the hospital and the long-term care facility. The name of the Physicians Eldercare clinician and our telephone triage number should be included with the contact information that accompanies a resident to the hospital.

How are referrals to specialists made?

Physicians Eldercare relies on its physicians to recommend specialists to residents. Our clinicians respect the ultimate decision of the resident, family, and facility in making these decisions.

How does a funeral home get in touch with Physicians Eldercare after the death of a resident?

The funeral home should forward the death certificate to the facility where the person resided and the physician will sign it on their next scheduled day. If a signature for a “cremation” death certificate is needed, call our office at (336) 251-1114 and press 0 for the operator, who will provide a fax number for you to send the certificate to the physician to sign.