About PEC

Physicians Eldercare’s model of integrative, comprehensive care has been shown to cut hospitalization rates in half and mortality rates by 40 percent compared to national averages. Through intensive monitoring and evaluation, our clinician teams can help facilities manage costs and reduce requests for unnecessary tests and medication.

Dedicated, Specialized Clinicians

The clinicians at Physicians Eldercare are committed to providing a high-level of care that is specific to residents of assisted living centers and nursing homes. Our model is built on frequent on-site visits by practitioners who work in teams to provide greater continuity of care. Our clinicians share a special interest in geriatric medicine and receive regular training on health and aging. Unlike other groups, our clinicians only practice in long-term care facilities. This allows them to fully commit to residents and offer deeper insight into the unique workings of assisted living centers and nursing homes.

Continuity of Care

At each facility, the level of care we provide and the frequency of our on-site visits are determined by residents’ needs. We meet with the nursing staff at each facility to discuss concerns and analyze information on hospital admissions and discharges. This allows us to set an on-site schedule that helps us identify subtle changes in patient condition, respond to concerns promptly, and reduce the necessity for phone consultations.

Focused Regulatory Compliance

Because we specialize in long-term care, our facilities can be confident that we will support them in regulatory compliance. Our providers are involved in the QAPI process to help with medical guidance, infection control, and policies and procedures.